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    Mastering Excel 2010

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    ■ About this App(Book )
    The "Mastering..." series is designed for beginning, intermediate, and advanced users. This AppBook covers all the essential components of Excel and provides easy examples that you can adapt to your own needs. I'm pretty much sure that you'll be glad to know that this AppBook is best choice ever!

    ■ About the Author
    Daniel(Hyoung Baek) Kim is very famous technical writer and IT consultant in South Korea and also has worked in IT field for more than two decades (including 7yrs working experience in Silicon Valley). Currently live in Seoul, Korea and doing own business in software industry. The autohr will not publish book offline. Instead, he will continuously update it's content and deliver to your mobile device.

    ■ Software(MS-Excel) Versions
    This AppBook was written for Excel 2010 for Windows. It also applies Excel 2007 or earlier versions. But if you're using Excel 2003 or earlier, you may feel different UI gap, but don't worry. You can grasp entire functions and how to use Excel.

    ■ Basic Course
    1. What is Excel?
    2. What's new in Excel 2010?
    3. Worksheet Tasks
    4. Working with Cells and Ranges
    5. Ribbon and QAT, Shortcuts
    6. Entering and Editing Data
    7. Formatting Worksheets
    8. Tables
    9. Basic Formula and Functions
    10. Your First Worksheets
    11. Printing Your Work

    ■ Intermediate Course
    1. More Formula and Functions
    2. Functions - Count & Sum
    3. Functions - Text
    4. Functions - Date & Time
    5. Functions - Lookup
    6. Functions - Financial
    7. Functions - Array
    8. Creating Charts
    9. Sparkline
    10. Conditional Formatting
    11. Pictue & Drawing

    ■ Advanced Course
    . Data Validation
    2. Worksheet Outlines
    3. Excel and Internet
    4. Pivot Tables
    5. What-If Analysis
    6. Goal Seeking & Solver
    7. Analysis Toolpak

    ■ Excel Function Lists(by Category)
    ■ Excel Shortcut

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