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    Learn concepts of Fractions through FUN-FILLED GAMES. Mango Learning’s latest offering Math - Fractions Like & Unlike is a game designed for Grade Six students that teaches concepts of Like, Unlike and Equivalent Fractions. The game curriculum is aligned to the Common Core Standards and is a great way to keep kids engaged.

    The new Fractions game by Mango Learning offers a quick and easy way to practice and reinforce concepts of Like Fractions, Unlike Fractions and Equivalent Fractions. Several game based learning activities are designed to keep the child engaged and motivated as they learn and master the concepts. Each game is designed to teach and reinforce a fundamental concept critical to understanding fractions; Equivalent, Like Fractions and Unlike Fractions. This learning module packs in interactive tutorials with appropriate hints to support your child as they practice and attain mastery. The diagnostic pre and post test helps in understanding your child’s skill level prior to practice and the assessment tests help in gauging the progression made by your child.

    Key Features:
    * Games that conform to Common Core Standards
    * Carefully designed games that motivates and engages students as they learn
    * Learn concepts through examples and audio-visual tutorials
    * Vertically constructed modules that focus on broader subject area
    * Assessment features that help gauge child’s performance
    * Entertaining math-based games that help master concepts

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