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    Get six applications for the price of two and ace your math classes.

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    "Math Pro" will take you through high-school Math and beyond. It is a powerful tool that is overflowing with the tutorials, examples, and solvers from the following applications: Algebra Pro, Geometry Pro, Probability Pro, Statistics Pro, PreCalculus Pro, and Calculus Pro.

    "Math Pro" covers an astonishing array of topics:

    - Classifying Numbers
    - Points and Lines
    - Systems of Equations
    - Linear Programming
    - Word Problems
    - Inequalities
    - Linear Programming
    - Direct and Inverse Variation
    - Polynomials
    - Zeros and End Behavior
    - Synthetic Division
    - Remainder Theorem
    - Factoring
    - Domains and Ranges
    - Compositions of Functions
    - Inverse Functions
    - Piecewise Functions
    - Quadratic Functions
    - Quadratic Formula
    - Perimeter, Area and Volume
    - Angles
    - Segments
    - Midpoints
    - Distance Formula
    - Distance from Point to Line
    - Law of Sines
    - Law of Cosines
    - Solving Triangles (SSS, SAS, AAS, ASA, SSA)
    - Similar Triangles
    - Congruent Triangles
    - 30-60-90 Triangles
    - 45-45-90 Triangles
    - Medians
    - Altitudes
    - Perpendicular Bisectors
    - Orthocenters
    - Circumcenters
    - Centroids
    - Circles
    - Quadrilaterals
    - Regular Polygons
    - Logic Statements
    - Postulates and Theorems
    - Geometric Proofs
    - Venn Diagrams
    - Survey Results
    - Odds
    - Permutations
    - Combinations
    - Taking Balls from Urns
    - Replacement vs. Non-Replacement
    - Independent Events
    - Dice
    - Roulette
    - Lottery
    - Poker
    - General Card Problems
    - Expected Value
    - Birthday Problem
    - Five Number Summaries
    - Outliers
    - Linear Regression
    - Normal Distributions
    - Chebyshev's Theorem
    - Binomial Distributions
    - Poission Distributions
    - Exponential Distributions
    - Chi Squared Distributions
    - T-Tests
    - Confidence intervals
    - Uniform Random Number Generator
    - Binomial Random Number Generator
    - Gaussian Random Number Generator
    - Poisson Random Number Generator
    - Exponential Random Number Generator
    - Logarithms
    - Logarithmic Functions
    - Exponential Functions
    - Rational Functions
    - Compound Interest
    - Graph Symmetry
    - Conic Sections
    - Arithmetic Sequences
    - Geometric Sequences
    - Matrices
    - Binomial Expansion
    - Complex Numbers
    - Rectangular and Polar Notation
    - Rectangular/Polar Conversions
    - Standard Unit Circle
    - Unit Circle Representations of the Six Trig Functions
    - Attributes and Graphical Representations of the Six Trig Functions
    - Changes in Amplitude, Period, Horizontal Shifts and Vertical Shifts
    - Formulas and Identities
    - Degree/Radian Conversions
    - Inverse Trig Functions
    - Reference Angles
    - Simplifying Trig Expressions
    - Angles of Elevation and Depression
    - Polar curves: Limacons, Rose Curves, and Lemniscates
    - Limits
    - Continuity
    - Differentiability
    - RDQ, LDQ, SDQ and NDQ
    - Equations of Tangent Lines
    - Partial Derivatives
    - Implicit Differentiation
    - Chain Rule
    - Product Rule
    - Quotient Rule
    - Related Rates Problems
    - Optimization Examples (Min/Max)
    - Derivatives of Inverse Functions
    - Taylor and Maclaurin Series
    - Derivative Tables
    - Derivatives of Integrals
    - Arc Length
    - Riemann Sums
    - Fluid Problems
    - Double Integrals
    - Integration by Parts
    - Definite and Indefinite Integrals
    - Volumes of Solids of Revolution
    - Cross Sectional Volumes
    - Integral tables
    - Position, Velocity and Acceleration
    - Calculus Theorems

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    Users comments for Math Pro

    Gia Phat Tram

    by Gia Phat Tram

    Jul 15, 2016  |  "Poor"

    After the prelude with the big Math Pro words, the app always goes pitch black and an application error shows up and the app closes altogether. Please fix this.

    Justin Stangler

    by Justin Stangler

    Mar 27, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    I actually bought the wrong app. However, I am very pleased with both. Just looking through some of the examples has opened !my eyes. I will utilize this app a lot. I recommend this for college students that !ay have some problems in trig or calc.

    Dave Helton

    by Dave Helton

    Nov 01, 2015  |  "Awesome"

    I have four of Larry's apps and they are all fantastic. I work about 10 hours part time as a tutor (I'm a full time Aerospace Engineer) and I encourage all of my students to download these very intuitive apps.

    Silver Mune

    by Silver Mune

    Jul 26, 2015  |  "Awesome"

    Not what I thought it was, but for the money, I can't complain. 'No special permissions' is great!

    Sarah Vile

    by Sarah Vile

    Aug 19, 2014  |  "Great"

    Awesome app!! I gave it 4 stars because I would love to see a few more examples or applications of the identities. Also, more practice problems in each area. Finally, I think identification of the identity properties above them would help learn them, for example: reciprocal above cscx=1/sinx. Otherwise Awesome App!

    Williams Blanco

    by Williams Blanco

    Mar 03, 2014  |  "Great"

    The app is indeed impressive. Overall, the app is a well deserved 4 out of 5 stars. The app provides good examples/tutorials from a variety of fields. The one star comes from the lack of step-by-step solvers . However, the app does provide some solvers such as the derivative solvers. The app has great potential and would love to see more solvers and examples provided in the calculus section. Als