Math times tables (FULL)

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    Practice your tables with this interactive multiplication game for primary / elementary school children. Catch as many bugs as you can and earn points by answering multiplication sums that exactely match your level of skill!

    This game is the ideal tool to learn all multiplication tables by heart in no time. It's easy start, fun to play and you can practice at all times tables up to 10.

    The game includes:

    * Read sums aloud
    * Automatic adjustment of the presented sums
    * You get help if you do not immediately know the sum
    * You can only gain rewards, you can't loose a game (no anxiety problems).
    * Reporting your progress at the end of each game
    *The FULL edition is ad-free and all levels are unlocked directly from the start.

    Developed by: Stephan Vermeire (RT Amersfoort)
    Year of publication: 2013