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    In society high paying jobs demand someone who can take complicated situations and simplify them to a level that everyone can understand. Knowing math gives you the competitive edge needed to compete for good paying jobs.

    Math helps your mind to reason and organize complicated situations and problems into clear, simple, and logical steps and this reference guide helps you do this.

    Used by teachers & students in our hard-copy format since 1974, our new mobile Math 2 guide is still one of the most concise and easy to follow guides on the market today - but now mobile - to well over 400 rules, definitions and examples covering fractions, decimals, ratios, proportions, percent, probability, graphs, square roots, metric conversions and more.

    Get the basics in your pocket now!

    Topics include:

    • Fractions
    • Fractions (continued)
    • Like & Equivalent Fractions
    • Common Denominator
    • Finding the Least Common Multiple (LCM)
    • Comparing Fractions
    • Expressing Fractions in Simplest Form
    • Improper Fractions & Mixed Numbers
    • Adding Like Fractions
    • Adding Unlike Fractions
    • Subtracting Fractions
    • Multiplying Fractions
    • Dividing Fractions
    • Decimal Equivalents for Common Fractions
    • Decimal Equivalents (continued)

    • Ratio
    • Proportion
    • Solving Proportion Problems
    • Percent
    • Solving Percent Problems

    • Percent: Sales Tax, Discount
    • Percent: Commission Rate
    • Percent: Investment Amount
    • Simple Interest
    • Compound Interest
    • Finding the Real Yearly Interest Rate
    • Finding the Real Yearly Interest Rate (continued)

    • Powers of Numbers
    • Square Root
    • Square Root (continued)
    • Square Root of Numbers 1-100
    • Probability
    • Three Kinds of Averages
    • Problem Solving

    • Picture Graphs
    • Bar Graphs
    • Line Graphs
    • Circle Graphs

    • Measurements: Length/Distance
    • Measurements: Weight
    • Measurements: Liquid Capacity
    • Measurements: Dry Capacity

    • Converting Area/Volume
    • Changing Metric Units
    • Conversion Formulas

    • Tables of Measure: Linear/Area/Volume
    • Tables of Measure: Liquids/Dry/Counting
    • Tables of Measure: Time/Circular
    • Tables of Measure: American & British Variances

    • Number Prefixes
    • Number Prefixes (continued)
    • Mathematical Symbols

    • About Math 2
    • Support Page

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