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    Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division at your own pace and skill level. Memorize multiplication tables. Challenge yourself with random arithmetic problems. Practice variables. Set up the timer to finish the problems in the set time. Collect the reward points as you finish your practice sessions.

    This app provides a way to improve your mental math power. With regular practice, K-12 graders can expect faster response times which will help them in regular and competitive tests.

    It features:
    > Addition practice
    > Subtraction practice
    > Multiplication practice
    > Division practice
    > Math Medley: which throws randomly different types of questions at you
    > Missing Number: get the concept of variables by filling in the missing number in this fun practice
    > Tables: memorize multiplication tables
    > Table Test: test the tables memorized

    Matharon Pro has a simple, easy-to-use screen. It does not use flash cards or multiple choice questions which can be guessed, reducing the effectiveness of the problems. The answers have to be keyed in, encouraging the mental calculations. It also has a scratch pad to scribble the calculations. Matharon Pro has lot of options to tailor it to one's specific needs and skill level - like number of digits, timer setting, mixed mode for problems and digits.

    Fun for all ages!

    This free version is ad-supported. Pro version is ad-free.

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