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    This calculator bridges the gap between a scientific calculator and some heavy-duty mathematical software tools. Key features includes :

    - Basic arithmetic operations for real and complex numbers on +, -, *, / ,( and ).

    - Built-in function for scientific calculation such as sin, cos, tan, log, exp, sqrt, ln, pow, sinh, cosh, tanh etc.

    - Uses of percentage %

    - Uses of self-defined variables and self-defined functions

    - Uses of list

    - Solve linear equations with real / complex coefficients

    - Unit conversion

    - Number bases conversion

    - 2D and 3D Graphic plotting

    - Batch processing of calculation using script file with save and load capability

    - Statistics and Finance functions

    - Support 2D Geometry construction

    - Support propositional logic verification

    - Support signal calculation such as Fast Fourier Transform (fft)

    - Support simplex method for solving linear programming problem

    - Support solving ordinary differential equations

    - Small size, ad-free and no internet connection required.

    Notices :

    1. On first run, goto Menu --> Preferences to make an best fit of the appearance of the calculator. When the calculator is placed in landscape or portrait orientation, the default setting of the preferences would be changed automatically and by setting that setting,the calculator can switch between 'landscape' or 'portrait' view easily.

    2. To get a general idea of the program, type help('startup') and click 'exec' button. The help sheet would appears on the right-hand side of the calculator.

    3. To make a calculation, type the formula and click 'exec' button.

    4. An official cookbook for Mathcalc can be found on the developer site.

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