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    Math topics carefully written to make it easy to understand math, calculators that give explanations and intermediate results, and a collection of formulas. Does not require network access.

    Mathinary is a powerful educational math tool for students and parents who help their children with math.

    Mathinary contains formulas, explanations and calculators. The calculators give explanations, intermediate results and final results. The calculators are simulating how a person would calculate the result, by showing every step of the calculation including descriptions.

    The topics in Mathinary are described with text, which has been carefully written to avoid difficult words, and making it simple for students and their parents to understand math.
    Mathinary is an invaluable app for children in school, their parents and others who needs help with math or those who just wants to freshen up their knowledge.

    Mathinary is concentrated on math in school from the 5th to the tenth grade, but is also covering topics used in higher educations.

    Topics covered:
    Annulus, circle, circle sector, circle segment, lines and points, parabola, parallelogram, polygon, quadrilateral, rectangle, rhombus, square, trapezoid, triangle, unit circle, vectors

    * SOLIDS
    Cone, frustum cone, cylinder, parallelepiped, prism, pyramid, frustum pyramid, sphere

    Area, currency, degrees and radians, length, scale, speed, time periods, time units, volume

    Annuity loan, annuity savings, currency conversion, future value, percentage, value added tax

    * Numbers & Algebra
    Addition - long, binary numeral system, divisibility rules, division – long, exponents, fractions, linear equation, multiplication – long, order of operations, parentheses, quadratic equation, roman numerals, roots, sets of numbers, simplification, subtraction –long

    * Functions
    Exponential functions, inversely proportional function, linear function, power function, proportional function, quadratic function

    * Probability & statistics
    Binomial distribution, charts, combinatorics, observations, probability, set theory

    * Tables
    Fractions / least common denominator, multiplication 10x10, multiplication 12x12, multiplication 20x20

    * Math games
    Multiplication game, order of operations game

    The developers can be contacted within the app, in the section “ABOUT” and then “Contact us”

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