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    Mathomatic for android. Mathomatic 16.0.0 with an android UI, plus an integrated X-Y equation plotting feature. Solve algebra equations step by step, showing work - like you do in algebra class.

    Solve equations. Simplify equations. Factor equations. Not numerically but symbolically. Show each step taken, if you want it to.

    Mathomatic for android can handle some calculus, too. Differentiate equations. Integrate equations.

    Over 37 commands: approximate, clear, code, compare, copy, derivative, display, divide, echo, eliminate, extrema, factor, for, fraction, help, imaginary, integrate, laplace, limit, list, nintegrate, optimize, pause, plotxy, product, read, real, replace, roots, save, set, simplify, solve, sum, taylor, unfactor, variables, and version. Plus, some trigonometry (using Euler's formula to expand trig functions into their exponential equivalents).

    Equations can be large, utilizing a 1,000+ column area for equations. Colors - parenthesis nesting depth is color coded. Zooming.

    Built-in examples are always available from menu, easily run. Help for each Mathomatic command from menu.

    Equation web search feature lets you search web for similar equations. Quick web links to standard math references. Send equations in messages, mails, etc.

    Simple X-Y plotting of y=f(x) - type equations.

    Uses the lightning-fast Mathomatic 16.0 as a native library.


    version 1.1x:

    * now using mathomatic 16.0.0 library

    * new auto-save of mathomatic's "set ..." settings on exit, auto-load of saved settings on startup.

    * new menu command, "reset settings to defaults" to return all settings to the default values.

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