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    Mathrena, application designed to carry out mathematical calculations, 2D graphic plotting, Unit conversion and matrix solving , HiggsBoson Solutions Pvt Ltd is proud to present Matherna , an application for mathematics lovers.


    -> Solve equations and find roots of an equation
    -> Graphical representation of equations
    -> Find Maxima ,Minima and point of inflection of a function
    -> Calculating for different values of x
    -> Differentiation of a function
    -> Matrix Solver
    -> Calculate eigen value and vector of a matrix
    -> Binary, hexadecimal, octal,decimal calculator
    -> Unit Conversions
    -> Trigonometric , logarithmic, arithmatic calculations
    -> Automated saving of equations for quick reference.

    Detailed features are as follows:


    - Basic arithmetic expressions - +, -, * and /
    - Square root and nth root of a number or a function
    - Exponents and logarithms
    - Permutations and combinations
    - Calculations for composite functions (trignometric, logarithmic)
    - Automatic saving of complex equations (history)
    - Calculate value separately for Deg and radian.

    Bin/oct/hex/decimal calculator

    - Dedicated calculator for hexadecimal, decimal, octal and binary
    - Perform operations like NOT, AND, XOR and OR gates for binary
    - Add subtract multiply hexadecimal/decimal/octal/binary numbers


    - Plots 2D graphs (maximum 5 graphs can be plotted in one go)
    - Gives 1st order differention of any function (f'(x))
    - Find point of intersection with X and y axis
    - Find roots of equation
    - Finding point of intersection between three graphical entities or functions (maximum 3)
    - Gives point of inflection and maxima and minima for a function


    - Addition, subtraction and multiplication of the matrices
    - Find determinant of a matrix
    - Find inverse of a matrix
    - Eigen values and vectors of a matrix can be calculated.

    Unit conversion

    - Provides variety of conversion units related to physics, mathematics, chemistry and for other scientific purposes

    - All major constants used in physics, mathematics, chemistry and engineering calculations are included in the application

    Mathrena the app for advance computing

    HiggsBoson Solutions Pvt Ltd aims at continuous improvement of the application features and experience . Your suggestions,feedback's and comments are most valuable for us. For any queries please mail to the email support provided in the app page.

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