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    As part of a daily routine, "Maths Little Genius" will not only develop mental arithmetic speed and confidence, it will also make future progress with a wider range of topics much easier.

    “Maths Little Genius” is the most thorough app for developing numeracy skills. It combines 2 of the key factors relating to learning, that I have picked up throughout my teaching career; rote learning and fun. Maths Little Genius has been developed to target the topics that are commonly regarded as areas of weakness for students aged 8 to 16+. It focusses on 27 separate numeracy skills and provides a range of competitive games to keep all learners interested in the learning experience. This app allows you to assess your Mathematical understanding in the following areas:

    Positives : Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squares and cubes
    Negatives : Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
    Decimals : Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
    Fractions : Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with the option of either vulgar or mixed number fractions
    Percentages : Find a percentage of a number and increase/decrease a number by a percentage
    Everyday Maths : Money and ratio (metric and imperial conversion)

    Breakfast Club - This is a 30 second challenge involving the 4 operations, finding a fraction of a quantity and a simple percentage of a quantity
    Bubbles - This is a bonus round which assesses your knowledge of multiples
    You Vs The World - This is a single player game which tests your speed with your times tables
    Shoot the Sheriff - This is a 2 player game which tests your speed with your times tables. This is an online game and puts you up against people from around the world
    Raft Run - This is a 3 player game which tests your knowledge of the 4 operations. This is an online game and puts you up against people from around the world

    For all of the online content, a username and a country are required on first log in. No other personal information will be collected (check the permissions).

    It is completely free and without advertisements.

    If you have any ideas for how this app can be developed further for future releases, or you have encountered any issues, please don’t hesitate to email me and I will endeavour to update the app as soon as possible to cater for all user’s needs.

    Please consider making a donation to help me to develop the app further:

    For more information about this Mathematics application and to read up on my background, please visit the following webpage:

    --- Adobe Air ---
    Please note that this app does require Adobe Air. This is a common tool used by many apps on Google Play. By not embedding Adobe Air into the application, the size of this app is small and conserves space on your device. Please don’t rate the app for this reason. Consider all the features the app offers to help develop your Math knowledge and understanding.

    Have fun!!
    Mr W

    -- Resolutions -- If you have trouble accessing the initial screen, try turning your mobile to landscape; this will enlarge the text boxes. The initial screen will only appear on first log in.

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