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    Key Features:

    Comprehensive MBA Level Finance and Statistics. Actual calculatation and Analysis is performed by the App. Accounting, Economics, Marketing and Strategy would be introduced next.

    1. Finance
    2. Statistics
    3. Calculator
    4. RSS Feed
    5. Stop Watch
    6. Weather (US Only)
    7. World Time

    3. Call & E-Mail Support


    1. Amortization
    2. Bond - Straight Bond, Convertible Bond, Accrued Interest
    3. Consumer Finance - auto, home and student loan
    4. Depreciation - Straight Line, Declining Balance, Sum-of-Years' Digits, Production Or Use, MACRS
    5. Forward & Future
    6. Monte Carlo Simulation
    7. Option - Foreign Currency, Option on Future, Equity/Stock Option
    8. T-Bill
    9. Time Value
    a. Comparison
    b. Interest Rate - Simple, Compound, Annuity, Perpetuity, Nominal/Real, Effective Annual Rate (EAR)
    c. NPV/IRR
    d. Time Value of Money - Present Value (PV), Payment, Future Value (FV), Interest Rate, Time
    e. Estimated Annual Cost
    10. What-if Analysis
    11. Valuation
    12. Yield Curve

    Detailed Features:

    1. Amortization - Summary, Schedule, Pie Chart of Interest vs. Principle and Line Chart of cumulative balances.
    2. Bond - Straight Bond and Convertible Bond. Bond Volatilities, Accrued Interest, Price Value of Basis Point, Bond Amortization Schedule, Bond Price Graph over time.

    3. Consumer Finance

    a. Auto Finance
    i. Amortization with graphs & charts
    ii. Comparison with bar chart
    iii. Lease
    iv. Lease vs. Buy
    v. Hybrid Break Even Point Analysis
    vi. What if analysis

    b. College Finance
    i. Amortization with graphs/charts
    ii. Comparison with bar graphs
    iii. Consolidation
    iv. What if analysis
    v. Data is saved and retrieved upon return.

    c. Home Finance
    i. Amortization with graphs/charts
    ii. Affordability
    iii. APR
    iv. Balloon Payment
    v. Comparison with bar graphs
    vi. Cost
    v. Duration
    vi. Qualification
    vii. What if analysis

    4. Depreciation
    a. Straight Line
    b. Accelerated Depreciation - Double Declining
    c. Sum of Years Digits
    d. Production or Use
    e. MACRS
    f. Area chart of accumulated depreciation vs. ending book value over asset life

    5. Forward & Future
    a. Commodity
    b. Currency
    c. Index
    d. Forward

    6. Interest Rate
    b. Compound Interest
    c. Effective Annual Cost (EAC)
    d. Effective Annual Rate (EAR)
    e. Nominal/Real Interest Rate
    f. Perpetuity
    g. Simple Interest

    7. Monte Carlo Simulation - supply trading days, initial security price, daily average and daily standard deviation. Add one or more initial security price, daily average and daily standard deviation and the app simulates security price over the trading days.

    8. NPV/IRR - Flexible Cash Flow Start Time and Cash Flow Repetition

    9. Option

    a. Equity/Index
    i. Option Value
    ii. Greeks
    iii. Implied Volatility
    iv. Profitability analysis
    v. Payoff chart

    b. Foreign Currency
    i. Option Value
    ii. Greeks
    iii. Implied Volatility
    iv. Profitability analysis
    v. Payoff graphs

    c. Option On Future
    i. Option Value
    ii. Greeks
    iii. Implied Volatility
    iv. Profitability analysis
    v. Payoff graphs

    10. T-Bill

    11. Time Value

    12. Valuation - APV, Beta Un-lever, Beta Re-Lever, CAPM, WACC, WACC Valuation

    13. What if analysis

    14. US Yield Curve for most recent date as well as for a date picked from available dates

    16. Call & E-Mail Support

    18. E-mail Result

    Key Features:
    1. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
    2. Beta Function
    3. Covariance & Correlation
    4. Effective Size
    5. Error Function
    6. Gamma Function
    7. Probability
    a. CDF & PDF - Chi-Square, Fisher F-Distribution, Normal Distribution, Standard Normal Distribution, Student's t-Distribution
    c. p-value and Inverse p-value

    8. simple and Multiple Regression
    9. Solver - Solves Polynomials
    10. Summary Statistics

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