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    Learn to multiply and to divide - really with joy and fun!

    The mC-LBox brings the popular learning card box invented by Sebastian Leitner to your Android phone.

    For each question, you work out what you think is probably the right answer. Then you compare your answer to model answer on the reply card.

    mC-LBox is suitable for any learning content which can be structured in question and answer form (ie learning cards).

    For learning to stick in the memory, we need repetition. The best form of repetition is in practical application; the second best form is repetition using learning cards:

    Repetition with learning cards has the advantage, in psychological learning terms, that you are answering from your own head, rather than having the question and answer drilled into you

    Because the questions and answers are on cards, you can sort them into ‘knew that’ and ‘didn’t know that’: You do not need to repeat content that you know repeat as often as content you do not (yet) know. The learning card index box is based on this principle, following Sebastian Leitner’s invention; it is a principle that will save you much useless and unnecessary time spent 'over learning'.

    mC-LBox is a highly recommended learning box App, for five reasons:

    In Sebastian Leitner’s system the learning index has five compartments or trays, while the mC-LBox can have up to ten.

    The length of time between each repetition can be set individually, and you can change this setting later.

    Whatever the time intervals set for the different compartments, you can also select a 'Flash' option, to go through all the cards together/one after another. This is useful before examinations.

    You can activate the 'Success Revolver' option and put material which is difficult to learn into a Holding Tray. These two additional and unusual features are very important from a learning perspective. - You can also activate an acoustic and/or a visual and/or a haptic (tactile) feedback. As is well known, positive feedback boosts learning.

    mC-LBox was developed in collaboration with Reinhold Vogt, a well-known German expert in learning techniques and technology. He confirms that this App offers all the important functions of a learning card-index system, free of unnecessary frills and easy to use.


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