mCARDS Chinese Course Starter

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    mCARDS is the perfect app to learn Chinese quickly and effectively.

    mCARDS 'Starter' is suited to absolute beginners, and contains 570 basic words and phrases in Chinese. It is divided into 13 units and includes 300 e-flashcards. Additionally, the cards contain the basic grammar rules. The topics are introduced gradually, which allows you to organize the learning process.

    10 years of experience.

    Trust the foreign language teaching experts! The simplicity and ease of use of the mCARDS application will make you addicted to this learning method and in no time you will speak Chinese pretty well!
    mCARDS 'Starter' is the perfect way to start your adventure with Chinese:
    learn useful words and example usage,
    listen to the audio recordings and learn the pronunciation,
    use MEMOBOX – a reliable revision system that keeps you informed about your learning progress.

    Pay attention to details which make the learning process easier:
    practical examples provide you with communication patterns,
    highlighting of irregularities end exceptions helps to memorize them,
    additional notes help to understand the basic grammar rules.


    1. Nǐ hǎo ma?
    How are you? (1–19)
    2. Nǐ shì shéi?
    Who are you? (20–36)
    3. Nǐ shì nǎ guó rén?
    Where are you from? (37–48)
    4. Nǐ duō dà?
    How old are you? (49–70)
    5. Nǐ yǒu xiōngdì jiěmèi ma?
    Do you have any brothers or sisters? (71–95)
    6. Nǐ xǐhuan chī shénme?
    What do you like eating? (96–133)
    7. Zhè shì shénme?
    What is this? (134–155)
    8. Nǐ shuō hànyǔ ma?
    Do you speak Chinese? (156–167)
    9. Nǐ xǐhuan zuò shénme?
    What do you like doing? (168–192)
    10. Jǐ diǎn?
    What time is it? (193–213)
    11. Nǐ zhù zài nǎr?
    Where do you live? (214–230)
    12. Nǐ měitiān zuò shénme?
    How does your day look like? (231–261)
    13. Zhè ge duōshao qián?
    How much does it cost? (262–300)

    mCARDS – you'll know!