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    Studying for the AP psych test? The EPPP? Frustrated? Pulling your hair out trying to memorize what the medulla does, or what the difference is between an MRI and a PET?

    This app has ALSO been used by students studying for the GRE and CLEP test as well as biology and anatomy tests - any test that requires students to memorize the key parts of the brain, neurons, neurotransmitters or brain scans.

    There is no other app like this one. Developed by a Ph.D. psychologist, psychology teacher and host of extremely popular The Psych Files podcast, this app will help you remember the parts of the brain, the neurons, brain scans, and neurotransmitters in minutes - not hours.

    • 35 mnemonics (including parts of the neuron, 4 neurotransmitters and 5 types of brain scans)

    • An audio option for on-the-go listening!

    • An index to quickly find what you’re looking for

    Over a hundred thousand students of psychology, nursing, biology and other majors have use these mnemonics to quickly memorize the parts - and function - of the brain, neurons, and neurotransmitters.

    Created by a college psychology professor and host of The Psych Files podcast.

    Brain Mnemonics contains 35 images - some bizarre, some humorous - to help you do this memorization.

    The well-established mnemonic device called the “keyword technique” is used to create these images.

    Covered in Brain Mnemonics:

    Lobes of the Brain:

    * Acronym to help you remember the four lobes
    * Occipital Lobe
    * Parietal Lobe
    * Frontal Lobe
    * Temporal

    Brain Parts:

    * Hippocampus
    * Amygdala
    * Thalamus
    * Cerebellum
    * Hypothalamus
    * Broca’s Area
    * Wernicke’s Area

    The Brainstem:

    * Pons
    * Reticular Formation
    * Medulla

    The Neuron:

    * Dendrites
    * Soma
    * Axon
    * Myelin Sheath
    * Nodes of Ranvier
    * Synaptic Vesicles
    * Synapse
    * Glial cells
    * Resting and Action Potential

    Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System


    * Serotonin
    * Dopamine
    * Acetylcholine
    * GABA

    Brain Scans:

    * EEG
    * CT
    * MRI
    * fMRI
    * PET

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