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    How to learn new things quickly, funnily and efficiently?
    Many of us have been in a situation where an exam is already tomorrow, while the materials have not been ever taken into focus. Remembering a lot of things is very difficult if you use a simple traditional learning. Modern psychology has a study section, dealing with methods of improving memory abilities - Eidetica (Greek: εἶδος). Eidetica helps people through imagination and associations to remember any kind of things. Using Eidetism concepts one can develop a special kind of memory. People implementing Eidetism remember substantially more than someone who uses the conventional mechanical memorization. It also makes the learning process more creative, inspirational and fun.
    Tests offered here will help you to expand your cognitive abilities, implying you are not lazy. Perform the tests until you master techniques of repetition, perception, concentration, and imprinting. Try to use all the methods in the memorization of information in your daily work and life. Do not forget about the full use of analytics, pay attention to significant and deliberately discard insignificant detail. For imprint choose proper and relevant links, rationally distribute repetitions.

    This application implements a set of memory training tests
    proposed in Franz Leather's book "Training Memory".
    The tests should improve your short memory abilities and are recommended to everybody who would like to do so. In each test you have to remember pairs (a number and a word, or a number and a number, or a picture and a description etc.) you see on your screen. Then you will be asked to reproduce as many of them as you could. Based on the answers, you will get a score, 5 or 10 points for each right answer. When your total score gets to 400, you will have a great memory.
    Good luck!

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