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    Mental Health Psychology is an app that help you understand the problem faced by some people that may seem to behave visibly different from the rest. This has largely something to do with psychology and how the mind of these people works. If you are studying psychology or is interested in knowing more about Mental Health psychology, then this is the best app to download!

    How would you feel when the whole world is crumbling down before you and the people whom you consider to show concern for you seem to be avoiding you or drifting away because of the unusual behavior you may have been exhibiting?

    The feeling of depression becomes more intense and you will just continue to spiral down until you resort to drugs or suicide in order to put a stop to the unresolved feeling.
    Sometimes, we look at people suffering from mental illness with disdain. We tend to be scared, as if the illness can contaminate us. We isolate, reject, or even ridicule a person with mental illness. Has it crossed your mind about how you would like to be treated if it happened to you?
    Mental health issues can be caused by a lot of factors such biochemical imbalances in the brain, nutrient deficiencies, as well as toxins.

    In mental health, it can also be genetics, inability to cope, poor social skills, or a reaction to a negative experience. The anxiety and depression being felt are signs of deeper psychological issues.

    Psychiatrist Stanislav Grof used the term “Spiritual emergency” in describing the state of mental illness while psychiatrist Peter Breggin coined the term “psychospiritual overwhelm”. Both phrases take the mystery out of the diagnosis by describing a process. It connotes an experience, not a stigmatized label that can last a lifetime.

    In mental health, if psychosis is not a life-long condition but a temporary response similar to a runny nose when we have a cold, then there is something we can do to empower those people who are undergoing mental distress.
    If we can learn to read the warning signs of an impending cold, then we can learn to interpret the deeper cause and meaning of psychological overwhelm. By taking time to explore our feelings instead of reacting to them, we can definitely make some headway.

    In mental health, there is nothing to be afraid of emotions. Feelings shouldn't be denied. There's a reason why such feelings or emotions exist. By deciphering them early on we have the chance to negate their snowballing effect.
    The body and the mind will always try to find balance or regain equilibrium no matter how filled with emotion a person is. But often we need prodding to grapple with uncomfortable feelings, to get to their root. Deep emotion is not something we understand well in this society. It is reserved for poets and artists.

    When we are feeling down, or we had a bad day, creative approaches, such as music, art, visualization or tracking can help channel emotion and the senses into a realm we can easily understand. Not only do they take the pressure off of a potentially explosive and disempowering personal experience, but they can also be used to discover our own uniqueness. They enable us to know ourselves in ways we never thought possible and ultimately, to make us stronger in what is often an alienating and stress-inducing world.

    Download Mental Health Psychology now to learn more!

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    Adam Umar

    by Adam Umar

    Nov 29, 2016  |  "Poor"


    Kathleen Gilmartin

    by Kathleen Gilmartin

    Aug 20, 2016  |  "Poor"

    Where did this person get his information?! This app should be taken down immediately. Nothing is true and it seems, by the author, that every mental illness leads to murder. Language skills and punctuation is awful! He says medication is not good and neither are therapists or psychiatrists! If I was not on my antidepressant or did not have my therapist/psychiatrist, I would be dead by now! My therapist/psychiatrist is the most wonderful person and very understanding. She knows more than this idiot!

    Nikita Ninja

    by Nikita Ninja

    Jun 15, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    Important basics to know

    April Franceschi

    by April Franceschi

    Jun 06, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    I couldn't put my phone down. Loved learning how different strategy's can be helpful. I really been having bi polar symptoms. But haven't been in to be diagnosed typical rite? Well I'm wanting to do more research and my husband is helping! I just don't want to be put on meds and forgot. I want to know as much as I can. I really started to doubt if I could being I feel crazy and don't see some symptoms. Thanks to my husband and this book I'm seeing different. Thank you!!

    Haylee Kazen

    by Haylee Kazen

    Jun 06, 2016  |  "Poor"

    Good for a laugh, horrible for everything else. I've never seen so little education on mental illness, so it was funny reading the 80% wrong descriptions. However, the idea that some people might take this seriously is terrifying...

    Nixon Mitchell

    by Nixon Mitchell

    May 01, 2016  |  "Awesome"

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