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    Video Training for Microsoft InfoPath 2007 - Basic Level

    The Microsoft InfoPath 2007 app will show you how to use these forms on the web, through email, and on mobile devices. You can learn how to integrate forms with databases for streamlined data entry and with spreadsheets for advanced analysis.

    Whether you want to use templates or design your own complex forms, the InfoPath course will show you how. You can convert existing Word or Excel documents into dynamic forms with built-in data integrity checks, generate PDFs, integrate with SharePoint Server 2007, protect forms, and centralize your forms management.

    There’s no better way to learn these skills than by choosing the InfoPath 2007 Android app.

    Course Outline:

    Lesson 1: InfoPath Basic
    1.1 Using the Getting Started window
    1.2 Interface Over View
    1.3 Closing InfoPath 2007

    Lesson 2: Interacting with InfoPath
    2.1 Using Menus
    2.2 Using the Standard Toolbar
    2.3 Using the Formatting Toolbar
    2.4 Using Task Panes

    Lesson 3: Customizing InfoPath
    3.1 Moving Toolbars
    3.2 Hiding and Showing Toolbars
    3.3 Creating Toolbars
    3.4 Deleting Toolbars
    3.5 Modifying Menus
    3.6 Resetting Toolbars and Menus

    Lesson 4: Basic Editing Commands
    4.1 Selecting Objects
    4.2 Using Cut, Copy, and Paste
    4.3 Undo and Redo
    4.4 Resizing Objects
    4.5 Moving Objects
    4.6 Aligning Controls and Labels

    Lesson 5: Text Formatting
    5.1 Basic Text Effects
    5.2 Changing Text Color
    5.3 Changing Font Type and Size
    5.4 Aligning Text
    5.5 Applying a Background Color
    5.6 Using Color Schemes

    Lesson 6: Working with Files
    6.1 Saving Files
    6.2 Opening Files
    6.3 Switching Between Open Files
    6.4 Window Controls
    6.5 Closing Files

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