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    Microsoft Office Suite combines Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft OneNote in one powerful package. No office PC or Mac could be possibly imagined without MS Office installed.

    Our audio training course will guide you through all the issues you'll meet working with Office 2010, starting installation of Mictosoft Office or it's single products ending up with the nice practical tasks that can be complete with it's applications. We've covered following topics in our guide:

    1. Microsoft Word 2010
    1.1. Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys
    1.2. How to set Margins in Word
    1.3. How to set Line Spacing in Word
    1.4. How to Change Paragraph Spacing in Word
    1.5. How to Insert Degree Symbol and Other Symbols in Word
    1.6. How to Remove Formatting in Word
    1.7. How to Wrap Text Rround Image in Word
    1.8. How to Add Page Numbers in Word
    1.9. How to Choose Paper Size and Source in Microsoft Word 2010

    2. Microsoft Excel 2010
    2.1. How to work with Basic Features in Excel
    2.2. How to Change and Add an Excel Worksheet
    2.3. How to set Options in Excel
    2.4. How to Navigate through shortcuts in Excel
    2.5. How to work with data using shortcuts in Excel
    2.6. How to Understand formulas and functions in Excel
    2.7. How to Autofill in Excel
    2.8. How to Add pictures and shapes in Excel 2010
    2.9. How to Use tables to sort and filter data in Excel
    2.10. How to Set Up Outlook 2010 for Gmail

    3. Microsoft Outlook 2010
    3.1. How to Create an Email in Outlook
    3.2. How to Use Interface of Outlook
    3.3. How to Set Outlook 2010 as the Default Mail Client in Windows 7
    3.4. How to Arrange Emails by Sender and Date in Outlook
    3.5. How to use the Conversation View in Outlook
    3.6. How to Create Spam Filter in Microsoft Outlook
    3.7. How to Recover Messages from Spam Folder in Outlook
    3.8. How to Redirect Outlook 2010 Emails to Another Email Address

    4. Microsoft Powerpoint 2010
    4.1. How to add a Text Box to Your PowerPoint Presentation
    4.2. How to add Photos and Clipart to Your PowerPoint presentation
    4.3. How to Move, Rotate, Resize and Format Shapes in PowerPoint
    4.4. How to add Animated Text, Shapes and Other Objects on PowerPoint
    4.5. How to Add Media to Powerpoint 2010
    4.6. How to Embed Youtube Video on Powerpoint
    4.7. How to Delete Slides and Change Layouts in PowerPoint
    4.8. How to Apply a Theme to PowerPoint Presentation
    4.9. How to Make Powerpoint Template

    Learn everything you wanted to know about Microsoft Office 2010 with our 53 audio tutorials in just 53 minutes!

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