Microsoft® Windows® 7 ATC

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    Microsoft® Windows® 7 ATC

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    Microsoft Windows 7 is the most popular version of Windows operation systems. Its stability, simplicity and user-friendly interface earned high marks from experts and users from all over the world.

    Sometimes, though, it's more useful to have a manual instead of guessing and trying different methods to solve your problem, even if it seems to be easy. That's why we made this complete audio training course for you. Now you can learn even more about this operating system!

    Our audio tutorials do not require much attention, so you can learn anything you wanted to know about MS Word literally at any convenient moment - travelling to work, working out in a gym, or relaxing just before going to sleep. You have just 49min to learn it all.

    Our course covers following topics:

    1. How to Run Window 7 from RAM
    2. How to Block Ports in Windows 7
    3. How to Create a Power Plan in Windows 7
    4. How to Extend Windows Partition
    5. What is а Ping
    6. How to Check Ping in Windows 7
    7. How to Ping IP Address
    8. How to Ping a Computer
    9. How to Ping a Website
    10. How to Optimize Windows for Best Performance
    11. How to Check Which Windows Version You Have
    12. How to View Installed Updates
    13. How to Adjust Windows Update Settings
    14. How to Use Write-Caching in Windows
    15. How to Use Task Scheduler in Windows 7
    16. How to Change Language on Windows 7
    17. How to Work on Computer for Blind People
    18. How to Delete Temp Files in Windows 7
    19. How to Delete Temp Files in Windows 7 Automatically
    20. How to Delete Junk Files in Windows 7
    21. How to Delete Shadow Copies in Windows 7
    22. How to Delete Folder from Command Prompt in Windows 7
    23. How to Disable Auto Arrange in Windows
    24. How to Disable Autoplay in Windows 7
    25. How to Disable Single Click in Windows 7
    26. How to Disable Recent Items in Windows 7
    27. How to Disable Thumbnail Preview in Windows 7
    28. How to Disable the Windows Search Option
    29. How to Change Time Zone in Windows 7
    30. How to Change Computer Name in Windows 7
    31. How to Change Computer Language
    32. How to change time display in windows 7
    33. How to create a shortcut on desktop
    34. How to Create a Lock Computer Shortcut in Windows 7
    35. How to Open About Windows Details
    36. How to Set Keyboard Language in Windows 7
    37. How to Adjust Folder Settings in Windows 7
    38. How to Zoom In on a PC
    39. How to Zoom Out on a PC
    40. How to How to Show File Extensions in Windows 7 in Registry Editor
    41. How to Install Fonts
    42. How to Take Screenshot in Windows 7
    43. How to Access HOSTS file in Windows 7
    44. Hotkeys in Windows 7

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