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    Casual Learning for Your Organization’s Most Critical Knowledge
    Get your organization’s most critical knowledge out to employees in a fun and engaging way with mLevel, the leading game-based learning platform for enterprises of all sizes. mLevel uses techniques supported by learning and development experts, as well as underlying brain science to ensure that employees learn what they need at the time they need it. To keep everyone engaged, multi-layered game mechanics and motivators appeal to all types of players, from Millennials to Boomers. How do your employees learn about your critical knowledge?

    Flexible Platform, Proven Results
    mLevel is currently in use by over 50,000 employees across a wide variety of industries, companies, and learning objectives. In a sales organization, case sales nearly doubled for employees that played mLevel to learn key selling messages. In a financial services call center, accuracy of exception handling increased by over 12% by mLevel players. In a retail business, mLevel used to support traditional leadership training increased retention and recall around key value messages and management techniques. What business results do you want to improve?

    Know what your Employees Know (or Don’t Know)
    At the heart of the mLevel platform is a powerful analytics engine that goes beyond who scored what and who played when. Through the mLevel reporting dashboard, you are able to visualize what concepts your employees understand and, more importantly, what they are struggling with – in real-time. As employees play mLevel games they are simultaneously learning and being assessed on their current level of knowledge. What is it that your employees don’t know?

    Multi-Modal Learning Approach
    While mLevel is focused on delivering critical, timely knowledge to employees through fast and fun games, it also includes several other learning tools, including videos and external links. Want your employees to demonstrate their understanding of your critical knowledge in the real world, create an out-of-game task; need to study information before playing any of the games, crack open the Knowledge Navigator (which can also be used for point of need training). How diverse is your knowledge delivery platform?

    To experience mLevel today, download the app and click “Request Demo”. Call us to learn about how mLevel can improve your business results.

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