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    This Free App provides those in the Survival, Preparedness and Self-Reliance community to hone their skills and expand their knowledge base. It is also a starting point for those interested in becoming a part of a wide-growing global community to make things now, and in the future, better for ourselves and those we whom care about most.

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    My name is Rourke and I have been interested in survival, preparedness, and weapons for over 20 years. I have some very strong opinions on the state of the world today – as well as a true conviction that we all have a responsibility to prepare for what lies ahead.

    The world is an ever-changing place and threats exist at all levels. It is my belief that preparing for possible emergencies and disasters is the best way to combat that threat and keep your families safe.

    With the current world economic troubles as well as the increasing threat of nuclear terrorism - NOW is the time to start getting ready. Don’t get caught in a situation where you are saying “I wish I had prepared for this when I had time… I wish I had done something to protect my family.”

    Preparing for bad times ahead in order to protect yourself and your family is becoming more and more important. I would like to use this blog to communicate some of my beliefs regarding survival and preparedness.

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