Mole Fraction

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    Learn one of the many existing methods of expressing concentrations of mixtures, called the mole fraction, in this exciting app.
    Mole Fraction will expose you to
    • The definition of the term using an apt example of a gaseous mixture
    • The graph showing variation in mole fractions of various components in the mixture
    • The quantitative aspect of the mole fraction
    The app is primarily meant for students of high school.
    Besides, there is an impressive array of key terms, images, quiz and several website links, all aiding in quick assimilation of an otherwise abstract concept of mole fraction. apps are created by Designmate (I) Pvt. Ltd., a leading e-learning company that pioneers in the use of graphics, animations and simulations to simplify concepts in General Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. For more information, please visit

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