Montessori Homeschooling Grade K2 Fun Math Program

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    This app help kids practice in a fun and rewarding way. They will look forward to practice and you will watch them learn new things.

    Includes time tested activities to develop maths and language skills. Maths activities include –Addition Subtract Drills in various forms, Times Tables, Fractions and Telling Time. Synonyms – Antonyms and Sight words will help increase the vocabulary of child. Spellings activity is also included to complete language skills.

    Activities include applying concept of addition and subtraction and apply multiple number concepts at a time.

    1.Missing Numbers – Find the missing numbers. Like 10-?=4 4+?=6

    2.Balance the Apples – Child can calculate using fingers 6+5=11. But ask in a different manner – Which two numbers make 11. Here the child will solve problems like these.

    3.Even Odd Numbers – This activity helps the child in applying more than one concept. The child has to find even/odd numbers greater than or less than a given number. Finding only even / odd numbers or greater than/less than numbers may not be a challenge but when asked together it becomes.

    4.Combinations of Tens ( 10,20,30,40…)- Activity to make the child comfortable with these numbers.

    5.Times tables – Child can practise tables from 1-12.

    and many more

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