Moon Calendar 2014

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    Your Lunar Almanac, an amazing guide into the Vegetable Garden, Orchard, Winery, Sowing, Harvest, Pruning, Grafting.
    Your Calendar to calculate Phases, Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset, Eclipse

    Last update
    - data about nature and sky optimized for each geographic location on the globe
    - new graphics
    - a year long calendar devoted entirely to Nature
    - daily data Astronomy all year long
    - easy access to daily contents about Moon, Earth, Sky, Saints, Julian Date
    - data access for each geographic location
    - Lunar Calendar and visibility of the Moon displayed for the Southern Hemisphere too
    -tables and calendar for the garden, kitchen garden and orchard also calculated for the Southern Hemisphere

    The garden, the vegetable garden, the winery... much more than an hobby.
    Everyday you can take advantage from advices, suggestions, tricks, news and much more, to give life to a green project one year long.
    What does the Moon suggest today about the Winery? Better decanting or bottling?
    What does the calendar tell us about the orchard?
    Wich kind of plants suit to our garden?
    Today is a good day for sowing or picking up?
    What to do with flowers in wintertime?
    Moon and its phases give us everyday the correct suggestion to harmonize our green hobbies to the cadence of nature.
    The app shows us the Moon, its phases, the Astronomical Observation, the Mythology.
    The Lunar Calendar, the Vegetable Garden, the Garden, the Orchard, the Winery, the Sowing, the Harvest, the Pruning, the Grafting and much more…
    Moon Calendar 2014 is an app fully devoted to the Moon and lets you know the wonderful world of the Moon, of Astronomy and of Millenary Traditions.
    Moon Calendar 2014 and you’ll spend the Year together with the Moon, observing the Moon with the Naked Eye, with Binocular, with Telescope.
    Let’s work with the app in the Garden, in the Vegetable Garden, with tools, plants, and fruits from the Earth and the Moon.

    Moon Calendar 2014 is an app all year long, it carries you into the beautiful world of the Moon and contains

    - Images of the Lunar Phase day by day
    - Complete Lunar Calendar 2014 to download
    - Advices about what to do in the Garden, Vegetable Garden, Orchard, day by day following the Lunar Phase
    - Daily news about Nature, Sky and Astronomy
    - An Handbook devoted to Celestial Mechanics, Lunar Phases
    - An Handbook devoted to Moon Observation day by day during the Lunar Month
    - An Handbook devoted to Lunar Mythology.

    And furthermore...

    - Daily Sunrise, Sun Transit and Sunset
    - Daily Moonrise and Moonset
    - An Handbook about what to do in the Garden, Vegetable Garden, Orchard, day by day, month by month, season by season
    - Julian Date
    - Saints Calendar 2014
    - The Moon and the Zodiac
    - News and curiosities about Blue Moon, Black Moon, Transient Lunar Phenomena
    - Moon and popular traditions
    - Map of Standard Time zones of the world
    - An Handbook devoted Eclipses of the Sun and of the Moon

    And much more…

    Moon Calendar 2014 is a funny app to spend the Year 2014 together with Nature, Sky and Moon.
    Download Moon Calendar 2014 and follow the Moon day by day all year long.

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