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    If you ever anticipate being held prisoner and handcuffed to a drain pipe somewhere and the only person looking for you is either Jack Bauer or Chuck Norris and the only way to communicate your position to them is tapping Morse Code on the pipe then you will definitely need this app!

    Even though Morse Code is becoming increasingly popular around the world in underground pop culture, it's astonishing to know that 99% of the people of the world either do not know Morse Code or even care that it exists. For you lucky few that have come to realize or even imagine the benefit from being able to communicate with others via eye blinking, table tapping, or smoke signals then this app will be an invaluable asset to you as you study your way to becoming a Morse Code ninja.

    *****Please be aware that this app uses your device's vibrator to play the Morse code pulses. If your device does not have a vibrator such as the motorola Xoom or if your vibrator is disabled in some way you will not be able to use the app. When I get some spare time I plan to update it to use a variety of methods for playback, but for now please be aware of this limitation.

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