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    This interactive graph paper App is the fun way of learning and revising using graphs giving immediate feedback whilst providing challenging questions so is pedagogically sound;
    12 Exercises of 240 questions in increasing difficulty cover the following topics at GCSE level;

    Plotting Coordinates and intersections
    Enlargement and Reflection
    Rotation, Symmetry and Gradients
    Linear and Simultaneous Equations

    Hints and Correct answers are available as you progress allowing you to improve as you go and not have to wait till the end to start again
    You can stop at any time and are given a summary of your answers which your device may enable you to save or print your result:
    This Full version has 3 modes -
    1) Questions are given sequentially with increasing difficulty
    2) The same questions are given randomly
    3 Questions are given randomly and with decreasing maximum marks the more attempts are made to answer fully correctly

    If you want to try this for free before buying, then please download MulteGraph Taster