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    Understanding of math is understanding the language,
    whose mastery is important for understanding the world around us.
    Knowledge and understanding on this subject contributes to student's self-image class,
    and provides the basis for success in other areas too.
    Knowledge of multiplication is considered one of the four most basic arithmetic operations
    and used in everyday life of most people,
    And the multiplication table is the basis for learning and understanding of mathematics in all areas.
    According to this curriculum topic taught second grade until the end of third grade
    the student must know the multiplication table memorization.
    But in practice many do not know the multiplication table in the future.
    Learning multiplication tables is an interest of process and interest of time.
    Necessary repetition and intensity of exposure.
    There are many children who have difficulty understanding,
    remembering and retrieving these activities and therefore create a very large gaps.
    These gaps often hurt the child's self-image.
    Latitude allows, learning, practicing and memorizing a number of ways,
    And it allows those who have difficulty finding the appropriate way to learning and memorizing multiplication tables.
    Learning multiplication tables is done sequentially by base variable and difficult
    to stick at different levels, and through play and experience.
    Serial studies rely on the ability to remember 7 Details + - 2,
    When a student studying, memorizing a series easier to retrieve from memory.

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