Multiplication table




    This application will help to learn multiplication table easy and fast

    First, you must scroll through the cards and remember the exercises in "with the answers" mode, pronouncing each example and the answer aloud or mentally. Select convenient for storing the number of cards in the menu "Settings" ( for example, only the multiplication by 3 , or multiply by 3 and 4) . Flipping cards can be several times in a circle before confident memorizing

    The next step is to select " No answers " mode and scroll the same cards again , reciting aloud or silently with the answers. If you forgot the answer, you can get a hint by touching the screen anywhere. It should be flipping cards in the " No answers" mode, until the need for the hints will not disappear , and the answers will emerge quickly and easily .

    Then repeat the first and second step for the remaining part of the table in its entirety or in parts. To consolidate the knowledge , scroll several times throughout the all cards in table in " No answers" mode, previously having mixed them (setting " Shuffle" in the menu)

    Good luck!

    Settings in application:

    - Switching " With answers " / " Without answers "
    - Ability to adjust the number of cards to memorize
    - Possibility of selecting a font size and color
    -Ability to "shuffle" cards

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