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    This is the largest Russian dictionary where you can find translations in several languages. The dictionary not just contains words you use in your daily life, but also more difficult constructions, like words you use at certain themes (business, logistics, history, technics).

    Supported languages:

    English - Russian Dictionary
    German - Russian Dictionary
    French - Russian Dictionary
    Italian - Russian Dictionary
    Spanish - Russian Dictionary
    Dutch - Russian Dictionary
    Esperanto - Russian Dictionary
    Estonian - Russian Dictionary
    Latvian - Russian Dictionary
    Afrikaans - Russian Dictionary
    Kalmyck - Russian Dictionary

    1. Personal dictionary – you are able to add words to your personal dictionary.
    2. Managing your own dictionary – you are able edit your personal dictionary or to clear it.
    3. Various Settings – you may change the application’s font.
    4. Word spelling, using Text-To-Speech module.
    5. Context word search – click any word in the translation article and search for it’s translation.
    6. Voice input.
    7. Detailed view with sentences/phrases tapping on the words.
    8. Simple and intuitive interface.

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