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    Did your kids can recall who a doctor is? Does he ask : what do you do? As the kids grow up and see
    their parents going office every day, the curiosity increases to understand what they do? At same time understanding various profession and their duties help kids to become more aware of the world they
    are growing with a sense of understanding of various occupations.

    This application intends to cover most prominent professions and their representation with cartoons.
    We are sure that you will love the simplicity and the beauty of the application and the way your kids
    play with them

    The application also comes with an interactive quiz for kids to test their learning about various
    shapes. This application intends to take the kids out of non interactive books to an interactive learning

    My Occupation Application comes with the following features:

    •Absolutely free (ad supported). Complete occupations without any locks or purchases required
    •Clear and Crisp shared layouts for easy learning
    •Application speaks our occupations names with pictures
    •Well integrated quiz to test the learning with scoring option
    •Very simple and easy to use application
    •Have click and play functionality for easy navigation
    •Option of AutoPlay. Just leave the kid with application to enjoy and accelerate self learning

    In case you like the application, please rate us on high. In case any issue please write us back first
    before rating us on negative and trust we will respond proactively.

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