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    Name Dice is a simple tool to create interesting fictional names. This app includes hundreds of first and last names, resulting in nearly endless name combinations.

    Featured in MakeUseOf’s “4 iPhone/iPad Apps For Brainstorming Writing Ideas, Plots, & Characters”

    Name Dice has received numerous 5-star reviews from writers of all ages and levels!

    “I have NEVER been able to come up with names out of the blue when I'm in full writing mode! Sometimes I even put symbols in the text for names so I don't have to interrupt the flow of the story. With Name Dice, problem solved, quickly and easily. There's no complicated thing you need to do to open or close the app. Just a couple of taps and you have a random name for your character before you can say 'Holy Shakespeare!'” - E D Stewart

    “This app is definitely one of my favorites. I've never really been that good with creating names for anything but the app more than makes up for my weak point. Most if not all names fit together perfectly and sound natural. There are no forced or absurd names each name is so strong that I feel as if the character practically comes to life as soon as I read it.” - Keystat

    Stuck on a name? Tap the screen for a new suggestion. If you don’t like that one, tap it again! It’s that easy!

    Suggested exercises:
    Draw Me: Roll a name, sketch a picture of that person.
    Who Am I?: Roll a name, write down 5 likes and 5 dislikes.
    Family Tree: Roll a name, then make a family tree. Who are the parents? Grandparents?
    Friends: Roll 5 names and figure out how they all know each other. Chess club? School? Retirement home?
    Archenemies: Roll 2 names. What’s their conflict?
    Secret Crush: Roll a name. What makes this person your secret crush?
    Summer Vacation: Roll a name. Write a paragraph about what this person did on their summer vacation.
    Most Wanted: Roll a name. Make a “Most Wanted” poster with a mugshot, why they are wanted, and reward amount.
    It’s a Girl/Boy!: Roll a name and make a baby announcement for them.
    Nobel Prize Winner: Roll a name. Write a paragraph about them and why they won a Nobel Prize.
    World Traveler: Roll a name. Write a short description of this adventurer and their adventures.

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