New Age Kurling

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    New Age Kurling is an accessible game for two players, which can be played by touching the screen or using switch input.

    Each player has four kurls to slide to the numbered target. You can use touch or a switch to control the direction of the kurl and to select the strength of the slide using the power meter. The player with the most points, based on where their kurls are on the target, wins.

    This exciting game is ideal for developing timing and hand-eye coordination. It’s also great for encouraging planning – for example deciding what strategy to adopt, aiming for a high score or knocking an opponent off the target.

    Key features:
    • An inclusive game which can be played using touch or a switch.
    • Helps to develop timing, hand-eye coordination.
    • Helps to develop switch skills.
    • Encourages planning and strategy skills.
    • Compatible with all currently available switch interfaces (See our App Support page for more information).
    • Runs in portrait mode only.

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