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    The Nintendo 64 has to be one of the most remembered consoles of all time. It is easily the most mentioned console in any discussion of old school consoles such as the Sega Mega Drive, the Super NES and as far back as the Atari.

    People still talk about Super Mario Kart and how much fun it was. Even the newer versions on the Wii are compared with the classic edition, often losing out on votes! Then there is Golden Eye 007, which had thousands of people hooked for many years. These two games stand at the forefront of N64 games in popularity.

    The N64 controller was also a brand new concept at the time, introducing three prongs with various ways to play the games. Most games made use of the middle and right prongs, with the analog stick (one of the first of its kind), the Z trigger and the control buttons on the right. Then there was the d-pad on the left prong for games which didn't quite fit the analog stick, or for anyone who hadn't quite got used to the analog stick yet.

    One of the best parts was that even the non gamer types became hooked on the multiplayer fun that is had from the most popular games. It is not very often that pulling out a games console at a party receives cheers from the crowd, but a Nintendo 64 is often an exception.

    The Nintendo 64 is far from dead, and many consoles, games and controllers can still be found for purchase. There are even new aftermarket N64 controllers to replace ones which fell victim to the now infamous analog stick giving out.

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