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    Nuclear Chain Reaction deals with a primary fission reaction between a thermal neutron and a heavier uranium nucleus. Amazing visuals explain the splitting of uranium nucleus into two lighter nuclei and three fast neutrons.
    • What is the amount of energy released in this reaction?
    • What is an unsustainable nuclear chain reaction?
    • What are controlled and uncontrolled nuclear chain reactions?
    This app is an ensemble of the above and comprises easy to comprehend details. The content covers the secondary school explanation and can be equally informative for other enthusiastic learners.
    - The video facilitates a virtual environment to enhance child- centred learning.
    - Text to facilitate better understanding at the learner’s end.
    - Images to reinforce and register the knowledge. - Fun of answering a quiz and checking for your grey cell efficiency.
    - Shortlisted web-links to boost your understanding with additional information on the topic.
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