Numbers by tinytapps

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    Introduce your toddler to the wonderful world of numbers via this beautiful app based on the ocean theme. Your kid will enjoy the experience of interacting with the app while exploring the world of numbers.

    Numbers and Pictures : The child learns to recognize the numbers and identify its shape and sound. The child learns to associate pictures with the sound of the numbers. A collection of 20 pictures and sounds help develop fantastic auditory and counting skills.

    Numbers and Writing : The child learns to write each number from 1-10 . The formation arrows and choice of color pencils make the writing easy and fun to learn.

    Number Activity : Helps to evaluate and enhance the counting skills of the child.

    Number Song : The Number Song has all numbers shaking and tapping to the rhythm and rhyme. A song your child will love and hum.

    Educational Consultant: Sajeda Jamal
    Voice Over: Meral

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