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    Numbers & counting with Tilly

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    AGES: 2 - 6

    * Number recognition
    * Counting: count items and match them to their number
    * Number sequence
    * Numbers 1 - 20
    * Associate quantities with numerals/numbers

    * Practice counting, number recognition and sequencing while exploring.
    * Learn from every answer, even the wrong ones.
    * Playful, fun and engaging mini-games
    * Early math skills.
    * Positive verbal reinforcement.
    * Child-friendly navigation.
    * Fun surprises as rewards.

    Mini games:
    * 1: Where can you buy....? Answer by touching the numbers on the floor on the screen.
    * 2: Which shop is at number ...?
    * 3: One of the shopnumbers is missing. Can you help me find the right one?
    * 4: How many .... do you see? Answer by touching the numbers on the floor on the screen.
    * 5: Touch the gumballs with the number....

    Numbers 1-20 are lots of fun with teacher Tilly in this interactive app!
    Created by educational experts.
    Numbers & counting with Tilly is an interactive app that helps kids practice essential early math skills.
    It's a perfect teaching tool for number identification and counting skills combining exciting game play with fun music and positive feedback. It's fun and easy for kids to use.

    What other people are saying:

    "Numbers and Counting – Teacher Tilly is a fun and charming way for kids to learn their numbers. Kids will enjoy playing along with Tilly and becoming more confident as they progress. " -
    "It’s a collection of five mini games suitable for juniors ages 2+ to practice their basic numbers and counting skills." -
    "This app is a perfect way to introduce your toddlers and preschoolers to numbers and counting. The graphics are bright and colorful. All of the activities are very interactive and engaging and provide plenty of fun positive reinforcements when they answer correctly. I really liked how you could start with just numbers 1 – 5 and slowly incorporate more numbers in as they progress so they don’t get overwhelmed and want to give up. Anything that can disguise math skills as a fun and interactive game gets a gold star in my book! -
    "The app teaches children some very important early childhood development skills such as basic counting, number recognition, and number sequences. Other skills are also developed such as concentration, memory, and recognizing visual elements." -
    "Small kids who are just learning their numbers can practice their number recognition skills with Teacher Tilly in this colorful app. Numbers and Counting — Teacher Tilly also encourages counting up to 20, as well as placing numbers in the correct sequence.
    If your toddler or preschooler is ready to work on their budding math skills, Tilly can be one of their first teachers.
    The app contains no ads or third party content nor does it have external links. This app focuses on giving children a fun time while they learn about numbers." -

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