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    Hello Students,

    This App is to help you get good marks in "Object Oriented Programming Methodology". With this App in your phone, studying for your exams has become a lot easier. So, the next time you are waiting for your bus or travelling in train, just open this App and start studying. Now no need of carrying your notes with you.

    How this App is different ?

    I am sure you must have come across some Apps of similar kind which contain programs on various topics of Java programming language. However, there are two important differences between this App and others:
    This App is specifically designed for MU students keeping the syllabus in mind. Hence, this App contains programs which are frequently asked in university exams. These programs can be directly written in your exams without any conversion or rectification.
    This App contains an added feature of "Downloading Programs". This feature is of great help since now, apart from viewing programs, you can also execute the program on your computer. This in turn, will help you understand it better.

    How often should I synchronize this App?
    Immediately after installing this App, the program list will be empty. Please allow the App to synchronize with the server so that all the presently uploaded programs become a part of this App.
    Thereafter, please synchronize once in 2 weeks so that the App is in sync with newly added programs (if any). You can use the "update" button on home screen to synchronize the App.
    For your convenience, information about next update will also be available on Study Circle's official FB page.

    How to use this App effectively ?
    The home screen of this App contains a section "Programs". In this section, you will see a list of all uploaded programs arranged in alphabetical order. Towards the bottom of this screen, you will see the following two options from left to right:
    a) View Bookmarked Programs:
    This option shows you all your favourite programs which you had bookmarked earlier.
    b) Share This App:
    You can use this option to share the App's link with others.

    To view any program, simply click on the program title. Towards the bottom of the program, you will see the following four options from left to right:
    a) Download:
    You can use this option to download the program in your cellphone.
    b) Bookmark This Program:
    Use this option to bookmark the program you are currently viewing.
    c) View Bookmarked Programs:
    This option shows you all your favourite programs which you had bookmarked earlier. If you want to remove any program from this list, simply long press the program title and opt for program removal.
    d) Share This Program:
    You can use this option to share the current program with others.

    Is this App available for iOS and windows platform.

    Sorry. Currently this App is available only for Android platform. However, the same programs are available on

    How will I communicate with you ?

    Sometimes, you may see "Announcement – Please Read" featuring at the top of program list. It is advised that you read this file since it may contain certain information helpful to you. For example, after an update, it may tell you which new programs have been added.

    How can you contribute ?
    I have tried my best to provide you error free executable programs. In spite of this, if you ever notice a bug in any of the programs or in the app, please let me know of it at the earliest. The simplest way of reaching me is to send me an sms on 9821882868.
    If you find this app really useful, then please show your appreciation by liking Study Circle's official FB page (This page is linked to my personal FB profile).

    Finally I wish you good luck and hope that this App will be of great help to you.

    Sandeep J. Gupta

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