Painting Memory Method—Phrase

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    Vocabulary is the foundation of English learning and English progress. However, many learners do not have good method to memorize English vocabulary because a few vocabulary memory methods are boring and dull. Hence, they lose English learning motivation and interest.

    Painting Memory Method (PMM) makes English vocabulary dynamically moveably appear on the screen to draw learners' attention, makes learners repeatedly learn to strengthen memory impression, and adds sound to stimulate learners' sense and listening. In summary, Painting Memory Method is a combination of form, sound and meaning. This software can help you memorize English vocabularies quickly.

    Painting Memory Method is based on "large quantity, whole brain, multi-level" theory, so that learners are easy to use visual (instantaneous memory), auditory (native speakers of human voice), tactile (touch operation) three ways to let the vocabularies memory rapidly converted to long-term memory.

    Painting Memory Method—Phrase is developed using industry-university cooperation with Department of Applied Foreign Languages of Taoyuan Innovation Institute of Technology in Taiwan. This release contains a variety of English Proficiency and American life essential 1500 popular phrases.

    The pronunciation of these words in the software, are appointed by the foreign teachers personally recording, the correction of all the vocabulary content and pronunciation quality control have been many times with multi-correction in order to be best quality.

    Software main function is as follows:

    The main screen
    It contains "Fast memory classroom", "Custom fonts", "Computer dictionary", "Instructions", "Production team" and "Sound control button".

    Fast memory classroom
    It contains cognitive test, retrospective test, association test, test of multi-sensory, tactile test, and painting mouse game unit, as well as Painting Memory Method Help button.

    Painting mouse game
    It is the combination of classic games' entertainment, easy to play, adhesion, topic, game mechanics and other characteristics. The design combines learning, entertainment, and contest of word learning game.

    The range setting
    Set speed, range, according to "Speed Reading" button you can start speed reading, if shut down the human voice can reach the highest realm of "an eye for speed reading". In addition, individuals can make settings for colors, fonts, fixed / fixed-point and other details.

    When complete the answer, it will display the answer with the length of time, move the mouse to the English words below, you can also display the correct Chinese meaning to review for a wrong answer.

    Computer dictionary
    Dictionary pronunciation function is conducive to self-test, and memories. Computer dictionary contains the function of the query, preview and review.

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