PairPlay UK Prime Ministers

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    Score points by matching pairs UK Prime Ministers with their dates in office while learning the British Prime Ministers History.

    There were 75 British Prime Ministers elected up to date, some more than onces, altogether 52 men and 1 woman, so we have split them up into 7 groups in numerical order of their premiership. You will see a grid of cards, tap two cards to find a match. The matching pair will then disappear.
    Continue until all pairs have disappeared.

    You score 100 points for each correctly matched pair but lose 5 points for each incorrect pair. Your game is also timed so once you start to get the hang of matching the pictures you can challenge yourself by trying to complete each game in a faster time.
    Want a further challenge:
    If you have got to grips with matching pairs. Why not warm up your memory cells and learn all of the flags, countries and capitals of Africa, Asia, Americas, Europe, Oceania and USA.

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