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    1500 GRE/SAT Words (80 Words in “Lite” version) with Word and Definition Pronunciation.

    The software requires Text To Speech (TTS) with US/or English Locale. Please verify your device’s compatibility by testing the “Lite” version. If you agree that this program is tutoring you to advance your vocabulary, please leave a comment on the Android Market!

    Overview: With the Pedantic Vocab Tutor there’s no need to pay for expensive prep courses or exam books to master up to 1500 challenging GRE (and SAT) words. Using Pedantic Vocab Tutor for 45 minutes per day, 4 days a week, you’ll likely outperform anyone studying from traditional courses, books, or using flashcards. But this software isn’t only for those preparing for the GRE, SAT, or other vocabulary intensive exams. If you desire to advance your career, socialize in erudite circles, or simply understand news and politics to a greater level, this program will help you achieve a powerful vocabulary and to learn to use the terms cogently in your daily vernacular.

    How does it work? The Pedantic Vocab Tutor is design to transparently fit studying into your current daily routine. Most tasks that you do while listening to music can be done equally well while training with the Pedantic Vocab Tutor. Simply plug in your headphones and begin studying. Study while you walk on the treadmill, work at your desk, walk the dog, make dinner, clean the house, perform yard work, or dozens of other tasks suited for a music player.

    The Pedantic Vocabulary Tutor software application is truly a unique training system that quizzes you aloud using Text to Speech (TTS) and finely tuned adaptive learning algorithms. Other vocab applications may have flashier graphics or more vocabulary definitions, but only the Pedantic Vocab Tutor teaches you in a natural manner with simultaneous auditory and verbal reinforcement. The adaptive learning algorithms have been continuously tuned and tested (with hundreds of hours of live testing) to allow you to learn large quantities of vocabulary words by focusing more on words you find difficult, and less with those that you don’t.

    The software tutors you in a continuous quiz (you will not see an “end” of a quiz, per se), and using the recommended study time, would take you 3-5 months to completely master the words. You will get out of this program what you put into it and will see immediate and lasting results. The words chosen are based on how well you have previously performed on the definition (note many words have multiple definitions, so master them all). Words start as “New”, and as you advance become “Familiar”, and after subsequent proof (over a prolongued period of time), words become “Proficient” and eventually “Mastered”. Words you struggle with will become “Difficult” and will require more frequent exposure until you improve.

    We recommend that you take your studies seriously and listen and interact with the Pedantic Vocabulary Tutor for 45 minutes, 4-5 days a week. You will be on your way to permanent mastery of advanced vocabulary used to better your career, your life, or CAT, GRE and SAT verbal scores.

    Please send any questions, comments, enhancement requests, or bug reports to

    Good luck, and remember to “Parade Your Knowledge!”

    The Development Team

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