澎湖尋滬地圖 Penghu stone finsh weir




    The Penghu Archipelago consists of 90 islands and the further north you travel, the wider the intertidal zones become and the more stone weirs you'll find. Among Penghu's one city and five townships, Baisha Township in the north has the largest number of stone weirs. Jibei Island, in particular, has been known historically as the "Land of the Stone Weirs".
    Penghu has had stone weirs for over 300 years, each of which was built by the blood, sweat, and ingenuity of people years ago. Before the development of modern-day fishing techniques, these weirs enjoyed a golden age. Stone weirs of various shapes and sizes speckle the Penghu Archipelago. The unique construction methods employed in their building, the distinctive fishing culture that they represent, and the rich natural resources of the islands not only are a microcosm into the fishing industry of that time, but also represent an important cultural heritage.

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