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    The Modern Periodic Table classifies all the 118 known elements into 7 periods and 18 groups. Every chemistry student is faced with the task of memorizing the periodic table.
    Put an end to the misery linked with the cramming of the Modern Periodic Table with this wonderful app from Designmate!
    Wade smoothly through the ‘Explore’ section for a quick recall of 118 elements or try your hand at ‘Play’ for all the fun that follows!
    This app caters to a wide range of audiences, from a young science enthusiast to all those linked with chemistry. The ‘Explore’ section primarily contains info regarding atomic radius, melting point, boiling point, ionization energy, electronegativity and other properties of all elements. In fact, a large databank of all elements can be accessed at a single click.
    The ‘Play’ section features two games, ‘Reckon’ and ‘Place’emUp’. While ‘Reckon’ deals with the chemistry behind placing of elements, ‘Place’emUp’ tests your speed and agility in doing so.
    Have a fun filled learning experience….!!

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