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    This app measures and displays a graph of Barometric Pressure (hPa) vs. Time (s) that can be exported to Google Drive or in an e-mail as a .csv (comma separated values) attachment.

    This app can be particularly effective when measuring changes in atmospheric pressure due to weather, estimating changes in altitude (on amusement park rides, elevators, car travel across mountains), monitoring air cabin pressure changes during an airplane ride, estimating the strength of a vacuum chamber, or even observing changes in air pressure due to photosynthesis and plant respiration within a closed system.

    Visit the following link for a number of formal and informal references for how users are using Physics Toolbox Apps in their courses, research, and work:

    Permissions Explained:

    android.permission.WAKE_LOCK: Used to keep the device awake only when recording barometric data to csv. (Example: After pushing the record button, the app will continue to collect data even when placed in a pocket during a roller coaster ride, and will turn off only after data recording has been stopped.)

    android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: A csv file is created and modified on the phone's internal memory.

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