Physiology of cell membrane

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    Physiology of cell membrane

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    ‘Physiology of cell membrane’ is an engrossing app elucidating the outer boundary of the cell called the plasma membrane.

    Simplistically, its function is to separate the contents of the cell from the surroundings. It is composed of a variety of interesting biomolecules to perform its dynamic action.

    ‘Physiology of cell membrane’ explains the following relevant points regarding this dynamic outer covering of the cell:
    • Protein-lipid bilayer
    • Peripheral proteins
    • Integral proteins
    • Globular proteins
    • Channel proteins
    • Recognition proteins
    • Membrane proteins

    Designed with the academic requirements of ‘Secondary School’ Biology scholars in mind, ‘Physiology of cell membrane’ includes the following learning modules:
    • 3D graphics in HD animation video
    • Explanatory text
    • Formative multiple choice quiz
    • Instructive weblinks
    • Finely chiseled image with labels
    • Meanings of technical terms along with suitable images

    So, download the app now and boost your grades! apps are created by Designmate (I) Pvt. Ltd., a leading e-learning company that pioneers in the use of graphics, animation and simulations to simplify concepts in General Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. For more information, please visit

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