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    Play This 2 Play That is the only app of its kind. More than just a stopwatch, it ensures kids play educational and learning apps before they have access to anything else.
    Get something worthwhile out of all that screen time!
    Built by parents to help guide children’s use of technology!



    Put any app into one of two categories: “Educational” = Play This, or “Game” = Play That. As children play apps in the “play this” category, they unlock time in the “play that” category. Apps that are not listed in either category are blocked and inaccessible while Play This 2 Play That is active.

    Define how much time kids must “Play This” in order to unlock time to “Play That.” You can also define time limits for game apps, time rewards for educational apps, and turn on a "free play" mode.




    We’re parents too, so we wanted something easy. Put apps from the phone into two categories:

    “Play This” are apps that are always available. These can be educational; math, reading, or other approved apps. These apps unlock time for the next category. “Play That” are games or other apps that have time limits. These can only be played once enough time has been earned. Apps not placed into either category are not accessible while Play This 2 Play That is active.


    Most age appropriate games are really great, but we don’t want kids playing only these all the time. With ‘Play This 2 Play That’, you can set limits on games your kids have access to and allow them to earn and unlock more time by playing approved educational games.


    Using ‘Play This 2 Play That’ will lock the phone so that no other apps (except those approved) can be accessed. You can exit the app at any time with the parental code you set.


    Most importantly, you choose which apps go in which category. Download any app to your phone, and use ‘Play This to Play That’ to categorize it for your child.


    We encourage your ideas and feedback. Please tell us your thoughts or recommendations at

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