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    Playmobil Large Pirate ship can make a boy dream of exotic lands, gold treasures and a valiant, victorious crew. What boy has not dreamt of being a pirate, of commanding a ship that sails faraway sees, fights sea battles, captures gold treasure, and returns to some tropical island for a well deserved party and to divide the loot. Playmobil has a number of pirate ships, ranging from a Large Pirate Ship, a smaller Red Corsair ship, and of course a Pirate Ghost ship. Still, the Playmobil Large Pirate Ship is a world onto itself, and will keep kids engaged for a long time. Unlike simpler ships that get old fast, this ship has so many features that it will be a long time before your child asks for something else. A particularly cool feature of this ship is that at first it masquerades as a regular, merchant ship. Only when the opponents are within cannon range, captain can release the cannons, change the flag, and attack.

    Playmobil toys come with lots of accessories, and the pirate ship is no exception. But you can also get additional accessories, like a pirate chest with treasures, or an Angry Pirate figure, additional pirate crew, a Pirate Captain. Naturally, kids can ask for a treasure transporter with a row boat. These accessories are available, even though it's unlikely that kids will want them at first. The Large Pirate playset is big and complex enough to keep kids occupied.

    It is not well known, that Playmobil intentionally makes their toys to not resemble any existing movie or TV world. This way children can develop their imagination freely, without being influenced by things they have seen before. I like Playmobil Pirate Ship toys because they give kids the room to imagine and explore the unfamiliar. Sailing the tropical ocean, discovering hidden islands, and commanding a sailing ship are definitely new activities - not something they do in real life. It takes children out of the everyday environment, and puts them in the realm of the unknown. Their imagination can roam freely. They can make up their own rules, they can meet friendly ships, they can transport their favorite treasures and show them around. Pirate ship toys give kids the kind of freedom that simply cannot be duplicated with toys that resemble day-to-day world. The ship is so detailed that grownups will have fun too. The ship will get entire family dreaming of treasures, South Seas, and tropical islands.

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