Poll Anywhere

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    Turn your Android phone into a polling response system. This is the perfect app for teachers or presenters who want to ask questions or poll their students/audience and collect the data. Poll Anywhere collects polling questions via text message and displays results live on your screen.

    Poll Anywhere is easy to use! Simply have the participants text your phone number or your Google Voice number while the app is engaged and it will collect and display results for you as messages arrive. For a long time cell phones have been an issue to teachers and presenters but now you can use cell phones to your advantage!

    The evidence of the effects of polling students during class is overwhelming. It's a great way to check for understanding and to provide other learning opportunities. Simply ask the class a question, have them text you, then adjust teaching accordingly. Or even better allow students to discuss which they think is the right answer.

    Some teachers and presenters purchase expensive equipment, batteries, and software to conduct polls. With this app you can avoid all those costs. Simply collect answers with your phone.

    The presenter / teacher is the only one that needs the app. Your participants simply text your number with their own cell phones. The app works with any phone works as long as it has texting ... even i-phones. The app collects their responses and presents it on your screen.


    ***This app does collect text messages ... make sure you have an unlimited texting plan through your service provider or use your Google Voice number!

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