Pony Lessons

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    The art of horsemanship begins with ponies. Principals, beliefs and methods are learned and developed as a young rider. This app will help students to learning to understand ponies and work safely and knowledgeably with them, all while having fun! This two apps includes fourteen lessons and 14 practical exercises on all aspects of working with a pony kindly and taking care of a pony, written by Elaine Heney, Irish Horsemanship Trainer.

    Topics include:

    • Gentle horsemanship
    • Pony behaviour
    • Making learning easy
    • Being a good teacher
    • Parts of the horse
    • What ponies need
    • What you need
    • Ponies and horseboxes
    • Healthy ponies
    • Pony secrets
    • Principals and safety
    • Pony training
    • 5 groundwork exercises including standing still, moving backwards, handling leading and tacking up.
    • 9 riding exercises including stopping and turning gently, moving forward, the emergency stop, hindquarter yields, bulding confidence, catching and solving problems.

    We also have a 'Pony Lessons Quiz' App available to test your knowledge!

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