Prepsta Vocabulary

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    Prepsta Vocabulary, the first of a series of apps introduced by Prepsta, features over 1000 of the most common SAT test words, to help students increase their vocabulary skills while challenging friends to an interactive game.

    The app can also be used to teach students domain-specific vocabulary pursuant to common core: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.9-10.2d and CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.11-12.2d.

    Prepsta social networking educational apps, help students prep for standardized tests in a fun and effective way.

    Prepsta Vocabulary offers 3 great ways to prep:
    • Study Mode - Use flash cards or word finder to display the word,
    definition, and use in a sentence
    • Test Mode - Choose between finding the correct word or definition
    while in test mode
    • Head to Head - Challenge Facebook friends to a play off and track
    your success

    Take the boredom out of studying for college prep standardized tests! Get Prepsta today for a better vocabulary tomorrow.

    ************ Benefits of Prepsta Vocabulary ************

    • Learn up to 1000 of the words most seen on SAT tests to help raise your standardized test scores
    • Build vocabulary skills while playing a fun and addictive game
    • Add fun and excitement to studying by engaging in friendly competition with friends
    • Customize your learning experience using three ways to prep for tests: Study Mode, Test Mode and Head-to-Head Challenge
    • See how you rank against friends and other users
    • Choose from a variety of music tracks to help keep you motivated